New Orange OPC Musician's Computer

New Orange OPC Musician's Computer

The PC has been reinvented:

Built from the ground up to last; using the high durability Orange coloured tolex covering, thick basket-weave and alluminium metal as our amplifiers. Just like a desktop PC tower you can upgrade inside components when new technology becomes available.

The latest technology; don't let the case fool you. The latest sound and compter technology have been mashed into a small form-factor case capable of screaming out massive amounts of tone and power.

Wood and alluminium case; two great materials. The built-in speakers coupled to the wooden case creates deep, rich and colourful sounds. The alluminium metal chasis helps keep weight down.

JBL studio quality speakers; two 6.5" JBL full tonal range speakers have been built right into the front of the case. Selected for their quality and ability to accurately recreate sounds from various amplifiers.

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